Andy’s Bet Club – How to use Betfred’s £60 in Bonuses New Customer Offer


About Betfred £60 in Bonuses offer

This is a great exclusive offer, they’d usually only offer you £30 in bonuses but you’ll get £60 if you join using my referral link.

It’s an offer I’d definitely take advantage of if I didn’t already have an account, you just need to place a £10 bet above evens and you’ll receive your bonuses once it’s settled.

It’s broken down pretty nicely, with a good range of markets to use your free bets on. You’ll get £20 in free bets to use on sports, a £10 free bet to use on Lotto markets, £10 worth of free spins and a further £20 in free bets to use on any market you fancy.

I’ll break down how I’d use each free bet towards the end of this article, but you’re pretty free in how you use it.

There’s a wide range of sports and markets available, including their own Bet Builder markets. There’s also #PickYourPunt which allows you to build your own bets and get them priced up by their traders.

About Betfred

Betfred have quite a cool story regarding how they started, Fred Done, the founder had a bet on England to win the World Cup in 1966 and used the profit to open up his first betting shop with his brother. Fast forward to now and they’re one of the most established bookmakers in the UK.

I assume most of you will be using them on mobile, if not their website is still really modern and up to date with most of the latest markets. The app though is great, it’s easy to navigate and as I said before their ‘Pick Your Punt’ market is impressive, it allows cross match bets and you can even request your own bets.

If you’re looking at something to place your £10 qualifying bet on, there’s plenty to choose from: in-plays, singles, doubles, trebles or even an accumulator will qualify you for the £60 in bonuses. It’s essentially just any bet above evens as long as it’s on a sports market.

One specific Pick your Punt market had over 55 different requested bets to choose from if you needed inspiration, and that’s just covering one match. It’s pretty impressive actually and makes it ideal if you did want to continue using Betfred as your bookie long-term after using the free bets.

Sign up below and place your first £10 bet to get £60 in bonuses.

How does the Betfred £60 in Bonuses offer work?

So, you’ve stuck your tenner on your qualifying bet and now you’re wondering how to use your free bets. Well, it’s pretty simple actually and they break it down for you.

You’ll receive:

  • £20 in Free Bets to use on Sports
  • £10 Free Bet to use on Lotto markets
  • £10 Slots Bonus
  • £20 in Free Bets to use on any market

Unsure on how to use the Free Bets? Here’s how I would…

How I’d use the £20 Sports Free Bets

So, this is probably the best part of the offer for me and you’re pretty open in how you can use it, I’d be focusing it on the football.

As I said, there’s plenty of different markets available so you could use this on an accumulator, a bet builder or even just a lower odds bet to try and double your cash.

One of the best parts is that it’s multiple bets, so you can break it down how you like across any sports you have an interest in. I’d play around with it, I’d probably chuck a £5 on a higher odds bet, £5 on a bet around 10/1 and then probably stick £10 on a lower odds bet to have a decent chance at some profit.

I post my own bets on Twitter and try and cover a range of different markets and odds if you needed inspiration, you could then build the bets on Betfred too if you wanted to use your free bets that way.

How I’d use the £10 Lotto Free Bet

You don’t need me to tell you your chances of winning the lottery, but it’s a pretty cool free bet to have. I’d probably check out the various Lotto markets and just go with one I have a lucky feeling about.

It’s obviously quite a throwaway, but as I say I don’t need to tell you that. They offer lucky dips or you can pick just your own numbers and see what happens.

If you do win the lottery though, please don’t forget it was me who told you how to use the free bet.

How I’d use the £10 Slots Bonus and then never touch them again.

Casinos and slots don’t appeal to me, but it’s still pretty cool that you get the £10 slots bonus. I’d make use of that and then never go back near the slots again.

As for what I stick it on, I wouldn’t be too picky. There’s four games you can use it on and it’s two different versions of the same game: Eye of Horus and Fishin’ Frenzy.

I’d stick the free bets on there and leave it at that, if it doesn’t win then there’s no loss but I would advise avoiding slots when you’re using your own money, it’s not worth it.

I’ve actually wrote an article on how to be safe with gambling, with a section specifically on casinos/slots.

How I’d use the £20 additional Free Bets

So you think it’s over and then they credit you a further £20 in free bets 5 days later, the best part about these are that you can use it on on either Sports, Lotto or a Virtual market.

I’d lean towards the Sports as that’s where I’d get the most enjoyment out of it, I’d just use it in the same way I’d use the initial free sports bets. Dependant on how they went, I may use these on a few in-play card bets if I’m watching a game but it’s completely up to you.


I don’t hide the fact I get paid a referral fee if you sign up to a bookmaker offer I’m promoting on Andy’s Bet Club. However, I will only ever promote an offer I think is good value for the customer.

With this Betfred offer, you’ll receive £60 in bonuses if you place £10 on your first bet above evens. If you have any questions or need any help with the offer, please don’t hesitate in dropping me a DM on Twitter.

Good luck!