Andy’s Bet Club – How to use BoyleSports £30 Free Bets New Customer Offer


About BoyleSports offer

Let’s be fair, we all love a free bet. This is one of the best offers I’ve spotted, stick a tenner on your first bet and you’ll get £30 in free bets.

They’ve actually got a good range of markets to use the £30 free bet on too, rather than being limited you’ve got the freedom to use it on markets you’re familiar with.

They’ve got pretty much everything covered: Accumulators, Bet Builders, Goals or Card Bets to just name a few… Whatever it is you fancy I’m pretty sure they’ll have it.

There’s also a wide range of different sports. Whether you fancy a bet on the Football, Horse Racing or maybe even Golf there’s plenty of sports to check out to hopefully get your £30 free bet turned into cash.

About BoyleSports

BoyleSports are a well established bookmaker, they were founded in 1989 and are now the largest independent bookie in Ireland. They’re also official sponsors of two EPL sides, with Newcastle and Wolves both representing them.

Their app is pretty easy to navigate, with in-play betting available for those of you who’d rather use your free bets that way. They also use OptaStats, allowing you to check out key stats behind each game including league form/position, H2H and each sides average stats for cards & goals to help with picking your bets.

A pretty cool addition is their tab on specific games for ‘Pre-Made Bets’. This allows you to have a scroll through featured Bet Builders, which could be ideal when needing some inspiration on what to use your £30 free bet on.

One thing they pride themselves on is their unique loyalty rewards programme, each bet counts towards exclusive rewards and they’re constantly looking at more ways to provide the most enjoyable experience. This is obviously one of the main reasons they have such competitive odds and offers.

Sign up below and place your first £10 bet to get your £30 free bet.

How I would use BoyleSports £30 Free Bets offer

When it comes to Free Bets, there’s obviously no right or wrong way on how to use them and I’d just advise having a go at a market or sport you’re familiar with.

For me, that would be either an Accumulator or Bet Builder on the Football. The main thing after that would be deciding on which approach you’d rather take in terms of odds.

Here’s the different options I’d consider using the £30 free bet on…

1. Play it safer, go for something lower odds.

I wouldn’t be against going for something lower odds around evens (2.00). Let’s say you stuck the £30 free bet on a single, double or treble and it landed you’d get at least £30 in cash, the way I see it is profit is profit, especially if you enjoy bets around those odds anyway.

You can always bare in mind that your original £10 qualifying offer could land too, meaning you’d end up with over £40 profit if you went down this route and it was successful.

It may not seem appealing at first, but it’s not actually a bad idea.

2. Middle of the road, try and make a tidy but realistic profit

Let’s say you fancied something a bit higher but not too high, I’d consider around 10/1 whether that’s a four/five fold accumulator or a bet builder.

Of course there’s less chance of winning, with a 10/1 bet you’re looking at around a 10% chance of the bet landing but if it doesn’t you’ve not staked any of your own cash on it.

If bets around those odds excite you, this is probably your best option. Let’s say the £30 free bet won you’d land £330 (£300 profit). It’s probably the most tempting option for me personally.

It’s always going to be a bigger risk than the lower odds bets, but it’s still not too out there.

3. Go big. Have a free shot at huge returns.

Got one of those lucky feelings and just fancy a free shot at a big odds win, of course it’s very unlikely to land but if it does you’ll get a huge return.

Once you’ve received your £30 free bet, your qualifying bet will’ve settled which may influence which odds option you go for. Let’s say it lands and you’re already in profit, then you’ll probably be more comfortable having a go at more of a throwaway bet.

If I was going for a bet builder, I’d be looking at around 50/1. If you’re going in with the mindset of “It’s a free bet, why not” then this is probably your best option. For example: If the 50/1 lands then you’d win £1,530. If not, you didn’t stake your own money on it.

You might also need help knowing what to bet on so why not check out the latest football predictions from my expert betting scouts in the Prediction blog. Or, you can check out any of my latest tips on my Twitter.


I don’t hide the fact I get paid a referral fee if you sign up to a bookmaker offer I’m promoting on Andy’s Bet Club. However, I will only ever promote an offer I think is good value for the customer.

With this BoyleSports offer, you’ll receive a £30 free bet if you place £10 on your first bet above evens. If you have any questions or need any help with the offer, please don’t hesitate in dropping me a DM on Twitter.

Good luck!