World Cup Winner Betting Tips | Who’ll Take the Cup Home?

For instance, Qatar are the hosts and will enjoy home advantage for the entire tournament but can you see them knock out one powerhouse after another to win the title? No, we do not either. They can make a deeper than expected run but world champions? No way!

There will be a number of similar cases if you’d take the magnifier to them. An easy way to reduce the size of the pool would be to rule out all Asian, African and North American teams as countries from those continents have never even made a World Cup final, let alone win the title. The closes anyone from these regions came was the United States, which finished third way back in 1930. African nation Senegal do have a decent amount of talent this year but we do not see them becoming the world champions.

That leaves us with the European and South American nations. Of the 21 World Cups, European countries have won 11 and South American nine.

Another way to look at the equation would be that more than 50% World Cup, 13 to be exact, have been won by the trio of Brazil, Germany and Italy. Thus, as a general rule, these three can never be ruled out no matter how knackered and haggard they look heading into a World Cup. When the lights shine, the crowds surround them and the world’s eyes are fixated on them, they find their ways to come alive.

Apart from these, there is another trio that may not have as much World Cup success but possess almost as much talent as them. That trio consists of France, Argentina and Spain.

In the last 56 years, all World Cup winners have come out of this group of six. Thus, if you want to pick the World Cup winner, look no further. Now, one can shrink this group even further by analysing which of these is currently living through their golden generations. We’ll get you started on this: France had so much talent in 2018 that it could have put together two different lineups of world class players. What happened? They won. On the flip side, Argentina’s talismanic star Lionel Messi will be 35 by the time World Cup 2022 begins and his powers have begun to decline already. Thus, chances of them lifting the trophy are slightly on the lower side.

We’ve gotten you started, so now make your own analysis and check which teams weighs the heaviest on the talent scale.