Andy’s Bet Club – How to use Paddy Power’s £30 money back new customer offer


About Paddy Power’s offer

Your first bet either wins, or you get a full cash refund within an hour of settlement.

You can’t beat a simple new customer offer. No messing about with a qualifying bet to redeem free bets, just straight in with your first bet wins or a full cash refund.

It’s one of the best offers available at the moment, which is why I frequently promote it to my followers on Twitter as well.

It’s exactly what it says on the tin – should you lose your first bet, the money will be retuned in cash within an hour. You could then withdraw that amount if you wanted. Equally, a winning first bet would be instantly returned in withdrawable cash too.

This offer applies up to £30 so I recommend taking advantage of the full amount if you can, as you’ll have it returned to your account if it loses anyway. However, if you would feel more comfortable staking less, the offer still works the same with lesser amounts such as £10 or £20.

Oh, and just make sure you use a card to deposit as e-wallets such as Apple Pay, PayPal and Skrill are excluded.

About Paddy Power

Paddy Power are one of the most recognisable bookmakers in The UK. Formed in 1998, their clever marketing campaigns and unique offerings have made them a firm favourite among gamblers.

They pride themselves on offering a large range of in-play and bet builder options, some of which are not available anywhere else. Paddy’s sports coverage is 2nd to none, so you’ll have plenty of choice to use your money back bet on from football to Esports.

Justice refunds and early payouts were unique features when Paddy Power introduced them. Their commitment to fairness is a rare trait amongst bookmakers. When you use the app, if your player limps off with an injury, they could offer a void selection or even a refund.

As an established bookmaker, they’re interested in keeping their customer base loyal. Once you’ve taken advantage of the money back offer. You can expect the occasional free bet and power ups on your odds as an existing customer.

Sign up below to get the £30 money back offer from Paddy Power.

How you can use Paddy Power’s £30 money back offer

So, now you know how it works. Your first bet after registration is refunded in cash if it loses, up to a £30 stake. Here are some potential tactics to get the most from this promotion.

Everyone’s different, there are three different ways you can approach this offer…

1. Play it safe and try to double your money

Go for something lower odds like an even (2.00) money single, double or treble. This can be an in-play, accumulator or bet builder.

If you stake £30 and win a bet at evens (2.00) it’ll return £60 (£30 profit), if it loses you get your stake refunded in cash.

It’s a safe way to use the offer giving you a very good chance of making a profit while having the safety net of getting your stake refunded if it loses.

2. Middle of the road, try and make a tidy but realistic profit

I would personally classify this option around the 10/1 level, maybe a four or five fold accumulator or a bet builder.

With a bet at 10/1 you’re giving yourself around 10% chance of winning but you know if it loses your stake is refunded.

So with a £30 stake you’re either returning £330 cash (£300 profit) or getting your £30 refunded in cash.

It’s a riskier bet but then the risk is eliminated because your stake is refunded.

3. Go big. Have a shot at winning big money knowing it’s refunded if you lose

Make it a throwaway bet, around the 50/1+ level. A very small chance of winning but if it does win it’s a mega return.

You know your stake is refunded if the bet loses so a £30 bet on a 50/1 wins £1530 (£1500 profit) or if it loses your £30 can be withdrawn back to your bank account.

You don’t need me to tell you it’s very unlikely your bet will win but the money back safety net is there to have a go anyway.

You might also need help knowing what to bet on so why not check out the latest football predictions from my expert betting scouts in the Prediction blog. Or, you can check out any of my latest tips on my Twitter.


I don’t hide the fact I get paid a referral fee if you sign up to a bookmaker offer I’m promoting on Andy’s Bet Club. However, I will only ever promote an offer I think is good value for the customer.

With this Paddy Power offer, you get your stake refunded in cash if your first bet loses. If you have any questions or need any help with the offer, please don’t hesitate in dropping me a DM on Twitter.

Good luck!